i've got the sickest ambition
idk i just think lady gaga is really great

September 21st, 2014: Speaking with CBS This Morning about “Cheek To Cheek”, splitting from her former manager, and working with Tony Bennett

i was just walking home and this guy was like “hey babe” and idk why i answered I’m so dumb but i was like “hi” and he looks me straight in the eyes and goes “do you accept the lord jesus christ as your savior? do you accept the bible as your only holy scripture?” and at this point I’m already past him and he’s yelling like “a woman who walks alone must be a sinner and will be punished!” and i just started running i was so scared holy shit. my heart is still pounding and i’ve been back for a while seriously like i can’t wait to move out of nyc lmao

Lady Gaga @ Philip Treacy’s Show - London Fashion Week 2012

The ARTPOP Ball tour in Istanbul. 9.16.14 HQ

The ARTPOP Ball tour in Istanbul. 9.16.14 HQ

September 20th, 2014: Leaving her hotel in Athens, Greece

Mount your goddess